As part of our mission to improve the quality of life in Central and Eastern Kentucky, Blue Grass Community Foundation seeks to engage community members in philanthropy and to foster leadership among neighborhood groups, educators, government officials and community volunteers. We serve as a convener of people, ideas and visions for positive change. Working together with local citizens and neighborhood partners, we have seen great projects come together. Our goal is to identify both the most interesting opportunities and most critical needs in our community, and then bring together passionate people to create strategic innovative initiatives.

In partnership with area civic and community groups, the Community Foundation serves as a catalyst and convener on five exciting projects: The Legacy Trail, the Lexington East End Equity Partnership, the Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden, Food Works Lexington, and Arts Place America/NEA Our Town. Please click any of the links below to learn more about these wonderful projects and their impact on the Lexington community.

grants available for north/east lexington in Northeast Lexington, a program of Blue Grass Community Foundation and the North Limestone Community Development Corporation, is funded through a grant from the Kresge Foundation. The goal of the grant is to encourage more inclusive community development and to fund grassroots work in the fields of art, culture, food, and health in Northeast Lexington.  Projects should have an expense budget of between $500 and $2,500 and should take no longer than 6 months to complete.

All projects should also embody the concept of equity - defined as intentionally just and fair inclusion into a society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. In order to apply, you must live, serve, or work in the East End, MLK Neighborhood, or North End.  Both individuals and organizations will be considered.

The next grant deadline will be early Fall 2017. Please continue to check back for more details on when the application will be made available. 

Fall 2016 Recipients

We’re proud to support local citizens who have come together to make an impact on the community in which we live. Along with the Community Foundation, neighborhood and community volunteers are working to ensure that the proud heritage of this community is preserved as a historic gem for the entire city of Lexington.

“My promise to the community is this: Blue Grass Community Foundation will continue to listen. We will work to provide leadership, create partnerships and engage everyone who wants to help.”  Lisa Adkins, CEO


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